Beautiful Products

by Beautiful Minds

We Are Quinten-Art

With Quinten-Art we focus on the positive side of autism. People with autism often have special talents and a unique way of looking at the world. A world that amazes and inspires. By sharing these talents we want to make the world a little more beautiful for all of us.

This is Quinten

Quinten has been the source of inspiration for starting Quinten-Art. Quinten is ten years old, lives in Amsterdam and has autism. His delicate geometric shapes show his love for mathematics. Quinten’s drawings have been printed on the first Quinten-Art products. Quinten is so proud of this!

Looking for an inspiring gift?

Every Quinten-Art design has a beautiful story. With your purchase you support people with autism and help share their unique talents with the world. All our products are beautifully designed and produced sustainably. The elegant gift box makes it a perfect present for every occasion.

Let’s co-create!

Does our mission fit your brand and do you like our designs? Let’s make something beautiful together! We can develop a product together or license out our designs. Want some inspiration? Want some inspiration?

Special Edition Mug

“One of my drawings has been printed on a very big mug. I am so proud of that!”


The ‘Perspective’ Mug is our very first creation.
We think it’s quite beautiful. What do you think?

The mugs are a wonderful gift that make people happy!


I knew you’d draw beautifully and the mugs would be amazing. What I didn’t realize at all is how stylish you package the mugs with the heartwarming story inside the box. So it’s a wonderful gift that makes other people happy!

Steven le Poole