Quinten’s designs inspire us to share the beautiful side of autism with the world.

About Quinten

This is Quinten. He is 10 years old and lives in Amsterdam. Quinten is passionate about mathematics, physics and drawing. Due to his autism he regularly experiences sensory overload which makes it hard for him to function. When the world around him gets too busy drawing helps him to quiet his mind.
Quinten’s love for mathematics is manifested by his choice for delicate geometric shapes. With his drawings Quinten allows us to see the world through his eyes. A world that amazes and inspires.
Quinten was de source of inspiration for starting Quinten-Art. When he gets in a state of hyperfocus he can make drawings that are awe-inspiring. The fact that his drawings have been selected for the first series of Quinten-Art products makes him very proud.

Quinten’s portfolio

Did you know Quinten has already created more than twenty drawings? More than enough to choose from!

Reaction of his Classmate


Quinten makes such cool drawings! I am really proud of him!

- Pieter