Beautiful Products

by Beautiful Minds


With Quinten-Art we want to show the beautiful side of autism. Our mission is to improve the lives of people with autism by building an inclusive society, where differences and talents are known and celebrated through beautifully designed products.

















Beautiful Minds

The minds of people with autism are wired differently than those of ‘neurotypicals’. People with autism tend to be hyper or hypo-sensitive to sensory input, which makes the world seem overwhelming and hard to interpret. Social interactions, especially, can be a big challenge for someone on the spectrum. But that sensory sensitivity also endows people with autism with extraordinary talents. With Quinten-Art we provide a stage for these beautiful minds. So together we can make the world a little more inclusive.

Beautiful Products

We make high-quality and sustainable products based on the design of people with autism. Our products tell a beautiful story and are made with love to share the unique gifts of people with autism. This in turn supports our mission: building an inclusive society, where differences and talents are known and celebrated. Our products come in a gorgeous gift box which makes them perfect gifts!

Part of the proceeds over every sale goes back to the designer.

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Just wanted to let you know we’ve just received the mug.
They are gorgeous!


My wife and I just drank our first tea from the mugs. We are super happy with the strainer, because we like drinking loose-leaf tea.

I’m very much looking forward to give the other 3 mugs away as gifts.

-Bart de Liefde