why this project?

As a source of inspiration for children with autism and as a beacon of hope for parents and their environment


The devastating looks of other parents in the supermarket staring at you when your child has a meltdown. Every parent of a child with autism knows them.

For years, as parents, you’ve heard what your child can’t do. What’s missing, what’s different and what’s likely to cause problems in the future.

We thought it was time for a different sound. It’s time to hear what can be done. To celebrate what’s different. To see the world through the eyes of children with autism.

About Quinten

This is Quinten. He is nine years old and lives in Amsterdam. His hobbies are mathematics, physics and drawing. When he signs, he can filter out the hustle and bustle of the world around him and unwind.

Quinten has autism.

With Quinten-Art we want to show the beautiful sides of autism. Quinten’s penchant for mathematics is reflected in his choice of geometric shapes. With his drawings Quinten gives us a look at the world from a different perspective.

A look that inspires and amazes.


Quinten-Art brings attention to the talents of children with autism with the aim of increasing the self-confidence and self-reliance of these children.

With Quinten-Art we want to raise awareness that people with autism often have special talents.

We make products based on the design of people with autism. The products are beautifully designed. And that’s why it’s fun to give as a gift. Not only because of the beautiful story, but also because they are really beautiful and high quality products.

15 of the proceeds will be donated to the Autism Fund.

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